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The Elijah Straw Memorial Fund and the entire Straw Family were honored to present O'Hara Elementary School fifth grader Rosie Nichols with the twentieth Elijah Straw Helping Hand Award for her exceptional friendship, kindness towards others, overall good citizenship, and most of all, for embodying the core values ("Respect, Responsibility, Integrity") of O'Hara Elementary School. Rosie received a certificate of merit and a Barnes & Noble gift card! The Fund will also be donating to the charity of Rosie's choice an amount equal to the B&N gift card in Rosie's name.

Rosie's teachers had this to say about her: “Rosie is an outstanding person who has been a helper and a friend to a classmate. She has a warm heart and demonstrates respect here continually and shows kindness and concern for others.”

Good work, Rosie! We wish you the best of luck as you take your kindness and empathy into middle school and beyond!

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Caitlyn with her proud mom
Rosie (center) with Principal Kristy Batis (far left) and Vice Principal Stephen Edwards (far right) and Emily Torbert (2nd from left) and Birkir Asgeirsson (2nd from right), fellow Helping Hand recipients!

Caitlyn with mom and Tom, Tally, and Jen Straw
Rosie (4th from right) with proud mom Amy Stein and grandma Colleen Carr, and fellow Helping Hand recipients Emily Torbert (left) and Birkir Asgeirsson (right) with their proud parents.

Caitlin (far right) Alex with fellow Elijah kid Alex Lima and Vice Principal Steve Edwards
Left to right: Tom Straw, Louise and Vance (parents of Emily Torbert), Emily Torbert, Amy Stein (mother of Rosie Nichols), Rosie Nichols, Colleen Carr (grandmother of Rosie Nichols), Birkir Asgeirsson, Maren Kristinsdottir (mother of Birkir), Jen Straw, and Natalia Straw.
  Caitlyn Novak
Rosie Nichols

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