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The 1st Annual ElijahFest 5K & Field Day was held on Saturday, 12, 2014, at and around the Ben Killian Baseball Fields in Aspinwall, PA, and it was a day the Straws will always remember and cherish! It was a first-time event, held at the height of vacation season and in the heat of the summer (man oh man was it hot!), and we still had close to 150 beautiful friends and neighbors, some old, some brand new, come to celebrate the life of our darling boy. Many, many thanks are in order, so without further adieux:

Organizations & Group Donors   Individuals (Donors, Volunteers, General Love & Support)
321 Blink   The Albert Family (Chrissy, Brian, Gavin, Liam, & Casey)
Aspinwall Beans 'n Cream   Molly & Bryan Bardine & Family
Aspinwall Baseball   Julie Beaver & Family (Tim, Nicholas, & Joseph)
Aspinwall Police   The Brach Family (Jennifer, Paul, Marilyn, & John Paul)
Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department   The Brown Family (Tabitha, Chris, Fiona, & Cole)
Bella Christie   TJ Burke
BodyTech   The Columbus Family (Suzanne, Bruce, Sam, & Natalie)
Borough of Aspinwall   Susan Crookston & Family
Clicks for a Cause   Donald Davis
Divinity Salon   Alex Duffy
DJ LA   The Evashavik Family (Jennifer, Nick, Luke, & Ben)
Dreamworks   Danielle Getty
Foxwall EMS   The Girasole Family (Vickie, Vito, Aviana, & Lucio)
Giant Eagle   Kenda & Dave Hammer
Girasoles   The Harris Family (Veronica, Jeff, Natalka, & Jim-Jim)
Mosaik K Art Studio   The Hook Family (Katherine, John, Emmy, & William)
Pittsburgh Pirates   Marc Hourvitz & Family
Positive Movementz   Kathy & Bill Hudic & Family
Walnut Grill   The Kowalewski Family (Stephanie, John, & Kelly)
  Lorraine Marks
Positive Movementz team
Danielle, TJ, and Alex: The Great PM Team!
  Kathy & Dean Marsico & Family
  Maureen Knowles Marsinek
  Tim & Luann McLaughlin
  The Schell Family (Rachael, Mike, & Jonathan)
  Jerry Schmitt
  Joseph Straw & Family (Tamera, Julian, & Jordan)
  Mary Straw ("Grandma")
  Janice Talerico
  The Taylor Family (Jenny, Don, Lans, & Donnie)
  The Turnquist Family (Rachael, Heth, Lydia, & Beata)
  Sarah Tuthill Family (Lydia and Edie aka "Gumdrop")
  Pam and Donnie Vasey & Family
  Dorothy Wilson
  Martha Zimmerman
  Ilan Zur

The Straws
Thanks so much to everyone!

Please consider donating to the Elijah Straw Memorial Fund via the Pittsburgh Foundation using the link below:

The Pittsburgh Foundation

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Beautiful Elijah

Beautiful Elijah

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